We have over the years seen the enormous data and information resulting from business process automation. The data and information have largely remained as decision making enablers. We have through our products brought in dashboards and forecasting models that could help plan real time. For example, managing suppliers and customers via a portal is now helping beyond being transactional. The data over periods of time help in understanding behavior, trends, to be able to input into building forecast models.

What we did

FocusR has developed The Supplier Collaboration Portal –a simple, easy to use application that can be interfaced with any ERP. This portal serves as a single channel to transact and work with Suppliers. This integration is critical for an EMS company that has multiple vendors supplying parts. The business need of the client was to find a way to work with the 400 vendors (and growing).

FocusR was able to integrate the 400 vendors on the portal. Suppliers could easily track the purchase order, fulfill quantity, track payments, and communicate through the portal bringing efficiencies by saving on time and effort in running a supplier management team.

Benefits :

The purchase team could function efficiently and errors and delays there on dropped significantly. Some features that made a difference to the client were the ability to create Advance Shipment notices, reschedule quantity to be fulfilled and communicate through the portal without having to resort to email. Added, there was significant savings from not having to purchase licenses for 400 vendors as the FocusR product has an unlimited user license. The product required less than 20% of the investment that would have been used in a standard ERP application. The application is currently still in use and running seamlessly supporting vendors.


The data is also being used to analyze trends, understand credit history so as to be able incentivize, build forecast models, slice and dice data based on geography and demographics. The organization is now able to focus on areas of growth objectively making gains.

The department was handling more than a dozen processes and there were three major and critical modules handled through conventional tools like Excel and Word. Voluminous data in hand retrieval and analyzing the same for Decision Support system had become highly cumbersome and at a point humanly impossible. The client wanted to proposal to automate the whole system to manage data, monitor performance of events and alert delays.

Benefits :

Automated the entire system using Dotnet, effectively within a span of 18 months with over 700 forms in each module. Three major modules were developed as a pilot project namely ATC – Air Traffic Controller module, FOps – Flight Operators module, AWS – Air worthiness module. Compliance of both human licensing and warranty management of various parts of the flight was effectively monitored for deviations. Alerts and notification for all critical events and deviations were sent to various teams through multiple sources to ensure ideal efficiency. The resulted in enormous effort saved, and efficiencies. The analysis provided helped continued improvement and operational optimizations.

The railways of a south east Asian country had a challenge with the Inspection of Track and track components that are done periodically as per schedule. This is carried out manually and the data captured during inspection is captured manually in the prescribed format. This resulted in a time-consuming process of consolidation, with high chances of incomplete data, inability to analyze data and generate reports to take actions immediately FocusRAi automated the Inspection Monitoring system through mobile application (Android). Each user is provided with a secure and unique login credentials (username and password). The inspection notes will be captured through the mobile device with user friendly screens instead of pages of reports. The scheduled inspections would be done through the mobile device.

Benefits :

Through this implementation ease of inspection and sanctity of data capture was achieved leading to easy tracking and monitoring of defects was easily located. Reports were available and analysis could be done to take actions. There was no risk of incomplete data. Alerts and notification are triggered on delayed inspection notes making the system robust and fool proof. Deviation status reports are automatically sent to officers monitoring. Above all, it meant guaranteeing safety to the travelers using the system.