We Have Over 15+ Years of experience
in professional Services

The objective of FocusR is on Focusing Right-accelerating Digital transformation for our esteemed clients in Malaysia and globally via our expertise and experience in Application Development and ERP Solutions Services.

Our Services are focused but not limited to development and implementation of Customized Software and Applications on a turnkey basis based on requirements and goals set by our clients.

Automation of business process and have our clients well equipped with robust and relevant solutions are our key deliverables to improvise quality and performance whilst ensuring cost saving. This provides our clients a competitive edge in ever evolving business frontiers via our complete ERP ecosystem.

In 2020, one of India's largest engineering companies (revenue - 800M USD) specializing in farming and construction equipment was entering into a joint venture with a Japan based multi-national in a similar business (revenue - 14B USD). A green field project, this was a unique effort where the entire business requirements were mapped to the organization blueprint. The configuration / customisation done as per the business requirements. Entailing detailed planning, the implementation was done via a series of prototypes and phased runs across 13 modules till the mass production in a record 8 months.

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A leading EMS (electronic manufacturing services) company was looking at rolling out SAP (Material management, Sales and distribution, production planning, Finance control and costing and technical-BASICS and ABAP) to its new plant manufacturing components that were earlier outsourced. It involved understanding of the current business processes to be rolled out to the new plant. Also, the process for manufacturing of components being different, it required the processes to be mapped diligently. FocusR provided a simple and robust solution where standard configurations were used and customizations provided as per business need.

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